See the Big Picture
Easily Record Progress of Your Projects
Whether you’re replacing a roof, developing a new residential community or adding the newest skyscraper to a city skyline, drone footage can help you at every stage of the process.
Some of the Major Benefits to Your Company:
  • Pre-construction site analysis / surveying 
  • Confirm Project Progress - Verification of subcontractor work, assist in executive reviews, assist in release of payments
  • Create visually appealing updates - Updates for clients, Advertising campaigns to gain new business (i.e. time-lapse videos)
  • Track inventory, equipment and other construction materials - Including volume measurement for piles of earth material
  • Record locations of interior components before building is wrapped - Pipes, wires, vents, beams, etc.
  • Reduce downtime by expediting reviews and inspections
Aerial photography for everyone
Aerial Photography was once a novelty for most business owners and homeowners. But now, anyone can benefit from this amazing service.

Drone technology has advanced to the place where anyone, including you, can now afford to have professional aerial photos taken for their business or home.

If you are looking to sell your home, Aerial Photography is a must! In fact, Aerial Photography is proven to sell homes faster and for higher asking prices. Click here to learn more about Aerial Real Estate Photography.

If you would like Aerial Photos taken of your business, farm, or other property, simply give us a call today at (914) 290-5015, or contact us online by clicking here. Or you can schedule your aerial photos NOW by clicking here!
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Click on the image above to Download the View From Above Aerial Idea Guide, so you can see for yourself how amazing your business will look to your customers and prospects using custom aerial photography from Aviated Precision
Examples of Aerial Photography
Examples of Aerial Videography
Industry: Commercial Construction
Type of Project: Project Progress Video
Industry: Commercial Construction
Type of Project: Company Promo Video
Industry: Commercial Construction
Type of Project: Project Progress Video
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Registered with the FAA. All Pilots are Part 107 Certified. Licensed and Insured (General Liability for both ground and aerial). Member, Trained and Certified by Sky Eye Network the largest network of drone entrepreneurs in the world. Members of DJI and AMA.
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